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I’ve been reading quite a few things lately. The microkernel vs monolithic kernel debate seems to continue. It is true that the idea of having a highly modularized kernel sounds very interesting. But according to experts it is very hard to actually implement and carries a significant amount of overhead. But, once the core part of it is done the rest of the system should be easier to develop owing to the modularized nature. It might also be highly robust since one component of the system cannot affect another component since they are separated. Andy Tanenbaum, the venerable academic whose research areas include secure and reliable systems has always advocated the idea of a microkernel. He, along with a student Jorrit N. Hereder have redeveloped Minix (the father of linux) into it’s current version 3. Will be trying it out very soon.


One thought on “Operating systems…

  1. abhijit says:

    can u elaborate us on what a monolithic and microkernel is all about and the difference btw them????Is windows built on a monolithic kernel?

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