Hey ppl,

This post might be to resurrect my blog, but no. This is about where u need $500billion (yes, that’s with a ‘b’) for your expenses each day and where you need $250Billion to go home after work. Yes, there is a place like that.

Zimbabwe as we know has recently printed a $100billion note.. that only catch is that it is a Zimbabwean dollar (Z$). A place where inflation is 2,200,000%. We here are loathing for a meagre 12%(well, it’s headed to 12 :(). Let’s look at the positive side and thank our ministers for keeping us at a better position comparitively.

We still aren’t better than our third world counterparts(Brazil, where it is still in single digits thanks to their less dependence on external oil). Let’s hope that we’ll be able to resurrect ourselves from this crisis and get on with our world conquering goals 🙂


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