Learn from the critics


Been busy for the past one month with my training and all. Finally managed to complete it.

Got my new laptop from my sister. Its a Dell XPS M1330. It’s an awesome beast loaded with 4 gigs of RAM and a T8300 Core2Duo processor(2.4GHz, 3MB Cache) and an Nvidia 8400G graphics card (hope this does’nt fail, as there have been quite some rumours of it) . Thanks sis 🙂

Installed ubuntu 8.04.1 the day I came to office and also configured it to look prettier.

So that was it for the updates. Now coming to the title…

It is true when people say that when you love someone or something, you do not see even its obvious flaws. You have come to live with those flaws. Well, I am not sure how helpful this is but I now realized the meaning for the words “Tough Love”. It is kind of necessary to show tough love to understand the flaws and try to improve them.

Well, I think that’s exactly what is being shown on Linux over at the Linux Hater’s blog and I am loving every part of it.

Also found an old book on Unix titled Unix Hater’s Handbook.(appropriately). You can get it here. Definitely worth a read for anyone interested in Operating Systems.

Currently reading – Unix hater’s Handbook, Practical Filesystem Design

C Ya.


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