Thoughts on Google Chrome

google's chrome


Chrome, the new browser from google is ultra light, weighing in at a download size of just 475KB. To put that in perspective Firefox 3.0 weighs at 7.8MB, Opera 9.52 weighs at 6.7MB. Those are with an ‘M’, mind you. The experience is definitely refreshing even though the browser takes a bit longer to create a new page, given that it has to spawn a new process for each tab. Also my touch-pad scroll-bar doesn’t seem to work while i try to scroll up. It works fine when i scroll down. Being a beta, we can still expect many improvements to come. But Gmail has been in beta ever since it has been released. Let’s see how long Chrome stays in beta.

PS: Yes, I am writing this blog in chrome 🙂

Update: Many people pointed out that the installer was downloading the additional components from the internet. I did not notice that since I installed that in my office, where we have a 4 Mbps link and also I wasn’t paying any attention during the installation 😀


One thought on “Thoughts on Google Chrome

  1. dsk says:

    475KB is the size of installer stub only. It downloads the rest from the internet.

    Lot of sites don’t work but I am willing to wait 🙂

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