Yep, 2 posts in a day! I just wanted to put down something before I loose the will to write it down.

Exactly how important are you to a person when they say that you are the most important person to them in the world? Will they be ready to give up anything for you? Give up relations with other people? Obvious, you say. If your relation is more important than the other relation, then yes, they would give up that relation. What if both the relations are equally important? Or if the other relation is more important to that person than yours?

Hmm, good question you might say. It’s really easy to give up the less important relation. Or is it? It’s a tough call if the relations are equally important. Ok, let’s set the relations aside. What about material things? Say a movie with friends, a phone, a camera etc., Will they give them up if you really want them to? Or will they make a big deal of it?

I know it’s unfair on asking people to give up things. There must be a really really valid reason for asking them to do that. But, what if there is’nt? What if you want them to give up things just because you want them to. What if this is one of those things which doesn’t have a reason?

Do I lie to the other person just to make him happy fooling him into thinking that we have given up those things? Or do I tell him outright that his request is outlandish and that this isn’t possible? That you are acting stupid and run away from him never to see his face again?

Too many questions i guess. I am on the look out for the answers. Please help


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