Interesting times…

Well, we do live in interesting times. With the global markets melting down, heading towards a recession, those perk’y financial jobs everyone was after until a few months ago don’t seem to be that juicy anymore. I think most of those who had a free run until now will find the going hard. Tough times do bring out the best.

Moving on to other things, Linus started his own blog and already has 5 posts! That’s pretty fast. As Val pointed out, the secret for a regular blog is really, really low quality posts. Well, that suits me 😀 .

Been trying to work on Tux3 since quite long. Giving it a concerted push today. Also registered the name. Will update that soon. My friend Pa1 gave me a nice little introduction to Smack, a Java api for interacting with xmpp protocol based im’s. Had fun writing small little bots which interacted with people. Sorry guys, who-so-ever was subject to my bot poking.


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