The Kernel Experiment

Ok, so I’ve recently decided to something about one “nag” I had since the past 4 years. I never attempted to do it seriously. I’ve always wanted to understand the inner workings of the Linux Kernel. I got around to submitting some very trivial patches for compiler warnings, documentation fixes etc., But never stepped into the real deal. I’ve bought books, always wanted to read them. Followed LKML, without ever getting into the depth of it. Tried my hand at a filesystem(, submitted some higher level, but still trivial patches.

Now I’ve had enough with the lazyness. I am rolling up my sleeves and getting ready to get dirty. Linus, here I come 😛


One thought on “The Kernel Experiment

  1. Kiran Patil says:

    Hi Pranith,

    How is your kernel development going on ?

    Are you still working on tux3 ?

    I think it is better to move to btrfs, what do you say ?

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