Borat and Bruno

Am a sucker for good movies. I love meaningful ones with a distinct storyline. Notice the ‘distinct’ part. This is the reason I’ve started to loathe the recent bollywood movies.

I really really really love comedy movies. I love comedy in general. Be it pranks, tricks etc., What else does one need to be humored?

Borat is one movie I would love everyone to watch. It is the greatest modern time comedy ever. It is actually everything mixed in one. Pranking people live, making them look like idiots, gags etc., It has everything. Go watch some youtube videos of this awesome movie.

Now Sacha Baron Cohen, the lead actor of this movie is well known for fooling people. You must have heard about the Ali-G show. He pranks everyone from ministers to senate members.  A new movie of his, Bruno, similar in plot to Borat was released yesterday. He plays a gay dumb foreign guy and has everyone fooled!

Eageeerly waiting for this movie to come out here in India. Will be going to see it the first day. 😀


One thought on “Borat and Bruno

  1. Pawan says:

    I loved Borat…. it was a really very good portrayal of the mentality and conditions in third world countries…(ofcourse with a few fictional exaggerations here and there)…looking forward to Bruno…waise i would suggest you Religulous another brilliant movie/ documentary with a completely offbeat plot/issue. Do watch..

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