So far so good…

Been here in Atlanta for more than 2 months now. It’s been good to me so far 🙂

The work I am doing is pretty interesting. I need to find the effect of parallelizing an executable has on the cache hit/miss ratio. Basically, we need to come up with a model where we consider the cache on the speedup gained when parallelized.

Been around Atlanta quite a bit, from Haveli to Coca Cola world to the worlds largest aquarium Georgia Aquarium.
The Pakistani restaurant Tandoors was something. Spicy, tangy food.

Swaminarayan temple is one place where you can find your inner peace(if you have any!).

The fall colors are pretty awesome and the winter is setting in, gives me the chills(both mentally and physically). I hate extreme winters, and people are already describing the winters here in a scary way.

Hope it is not as bad as they make it to seem.


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