The girl contemplated the consequences of the act she was about to perform. The rush of thoughts was confusing her. She was not able to perceive her surroundings clearly. That is mostly because of the rush of hormones caused by standing at the edge of a bridge with a 1000 ft drop. She knew what would happen to her once she hit the rocks in the stream.

People say your life flashes before your eyes when you die. The girl was experiencing something similar. Just that she was seeing her life as a  rolling  slow-mo picture. She was not sure of the reasons for her being in that situation. All she was sure of was that she had to do it. She came too far for this. There is no turning back. She could see the outline of the stream flowing beneath the bridge. She could make out patches of snow on the bank of the stream.

The spring air was a bit chilly. She remembered her childhood, the days spent in the woods with her father and sister, hiking and camping. She longed to have those days back.  She wanted to see her father once more. And she thought she will. Very soon.

She said a prayer and jumped. The feeling of falling liberates you somehow. You know you cannot do anything anymore. It is all left to the forces of nature. She kept dropping. She could clearly see the stream now. It was getting closer by the second. The wind brought tears to her eyes. She thought about the cold rocks in the stream. One more second of free fall and she would be hitting them.

Suddenly, she felt an upward force. The bunjee cord tugged at her legs and her hair slightly grazed the water. She is going to go back up now. The stretched cord taking her up. She would come back down again. Her father is waiting for her on the bank, to untie her.